My Birthday Weekend + Thoughts on Turning 25

March 20, 2018lifewithcattitude

Hey friends! I hope everyone is doing well on this wonderful holiday, also known as MY BIRTHDAY. Yesterday was my 25th birthday, but the major celebrations took place mostly over the weekend. It’s still going to be an adjustment to tell people I’m 25, but then again, I’m that person who spends half the year crossing out the last number of the year when I’m writing the date.

So…birthday shenanigans! Friday night was a fairly chill night because Travis worked and drove four five hours, so we ate dinner at Taco Mac, somewhere he’s never been and thoroughly enjoyed.

We then spent our evening recuperating at our hotel. It was a good thing we did all that recuperating because we had a BIG Saturday ahead of us!

We got up fairly early on Saturday morning to go to my birthday brunch thrown by my mom. It was so nice! There was breakfast food and mimosas, what more could people ever want??

My cousins came over and brought their baby so I got to snuggle with him. After we ate we went to the playground near my neighborhood and played outside because it was SUCH a beautiful day and we couldn’t let it go to waste.


After that, Travis and I went our own way to head to the MALL. He told me in the car that he was going to buy me whatever I wanted for my birthday present, so I treated myself to a few things. I bought my very first bath bomb (the Avo-bomb, specifically), a Ravenclaw tank top from Hot Topic, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, the small tub of Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara (something I have wanted for probably five years) and a two-pack of Real Techniques sponges that I so desperately needed because my sponge was beyond nasty and falling apart.

After the mall, we just chilled at our hotel and ate Chipotle. Travis wanted to play some Call of Duty: WWII and he brought his headset, so he let me wear the headset and troll the other players while he absolutely dominated his rounds. Then we played a drinking game with Taboo and that’s how we ended the night.

On Sunday, we decided to split up for a few hours so Travis could get some laundry done and I wanted to play my new video game for a few hours. We met back up later to head to Marlow’s Tavern at Mall of Georgia to eat with my sister and my dad for birthday meal #2.

After that, Travis and I said our goodbyes for the trip because he had to be up super early the next morning to head back to Savannah.

Once my actual birthday rolled around, it was time to go to work. Did I enjoy having to work on my birthday? Absolutely not, but the hustle doesn’t stop! When you’re on a deadline to get your own place by the summer, you do what you can. However, there were many benefits to working on my birthday. One, I get paid. Duh. Two, my lovely work sisters spoiled me with donut holes and some Micellar Water, which I’ve been wanting for a little while. Three, my mom put together a little scavenger hunt for me, a birthday tradition I’m happy to keep.

Lastly, I did get to go have a THIRD birthday meal with my mom and my sister at one of my favorite restaurants, Agavero. I love coming here because the food is relatively fair priced, but the margaritas are the bomb. 

[edit: I had to go back and edit this post because my mom and sister straight up surprised me! My friend Lindsey and her boyfriend, as well as my mom’s friend and her husband showed up and surprised me and it was a party! The wait staff gave me the birthday hat and made me dance and take a shot of tequila. I tried to take it like a champ, but I ended up grabbing the lime off the glass when the waiter tried to walk away. When it was all said and done, everyone at the table was doubled over in laughter] After that, my night ended with a de-stressing facial mask, just what the doctor ordered.

Overall, I had a very fun and fulfilling weekend. It doesn’t feel weird to be 25, but it also doesn’t feel exciting. I suppose it comes with growing up, but I’ve just reached this point where I’m not super excited about my birthday anymore. Once you get into the working world, unless your birthday is on the weekend and/or you specifically have that day off, it’s just another day. Does it make me feel any less blessed to have friends and family who love me and support me and make me feel cherished on my birthday by calling and sending messages? Hell no, I’m very grateful for all of that. Everyone handles birthdays differently. I still enjoy my birthdays, but I’ve learned that it’s not the presents or anything that makes it special, it’s that you were given another year to try again. I’m all for fresh starts, and I honestly believe that 25 will be my best year yet. So many great things happened to me at 24, and I have a feeling that even more great things will happen this year. Happy birthday to me!

How was your weekend? 🙂


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