Last Weekend of April Recap!

April 30, 2018lifewithcattitude

Well friends, we’re quickly coming up on May, the FIFTH freaking month of the year! This past weekend was really fun and a good way to send us into a new month! I’ve officially hit my third month working on this blog, and things are getting better and better! I’m very excited to spend my summer continually improving my blog and pushing out better and more frequent content for you guys to enjoy! I’m currently sitting on my back patio, drinking a nice cup of cinnamon bun-flavored coffee (I’ve been on a serious cinnamon-flavor kick lately for some reason), watching my neighbors walk their dogs and puppies, listening to children play outside, and just generally enjoying my afternoon. April was a weird month with lots of freezes and cold fronts so now that the weather is getting better I’m going to enjoy having some time after work to sit outside in the shade and work!

I seriously can’t believe how fast time flies! Especially when you’re working a job you hate. Which brings me to the beginning of the weekend recap!

Friday night, I got let go from my temp job from which I had been patiently waiting for a full time offer. They had been teasing us temps for months about applying and being offered a full time position and then they had a wave of layoffs. I didn’t even make it twenty minutes into my commute home before I got the phone call from my recruiters. I had been hearing rumors that they were finally deciding who all to keep and who to let go all last week, so by the time I got the call, I was just plum relieved. I’m not even kidding. I smiled when they told me. So, once I got off the phone, I went through the Taco Bell drive-thru to get myself some junk food to treat myself to a relaxing night off from the gym to kick off my weekend post-employment.

Travis had also said there was a chance they would be able to come home an extra weekend because they were about to finish their job in Savannah but he texted me about five to let me know they wouldn’t be able to come home after all. Naturally, I was a bit disappointed, but he did promise that he would call me as soon as he got back to his hotel room so I needed to stay up and not go to bed early. By about eleven, I’d had a little bit of whiskey and I was close to wanting to go to bed, but I wanted a phone call with him, so I pushed through the tipsy-ness. Around eleven, he finally called and said “Look out your window.” I ran to the window and saw him standing outside his car, so I sprinted down my stairs, out to the driveway, and into his arms where I tipsy-cried for about a minute or two. Once the initial excitement wore off, I packed a quick bag so we could go to his house and go to sleep.

On Saturday morning, we slept in, and went to go get a late breakfast at McDonald’s, and then we went back to my house to do a whole heap of nothing. Even without Travis in town, I had big plans to do absolutely nothing.

One of the most noteworthy parts about Saturday was that I lost a bet. I bet my Facebook friends that if I got 100 likes on a picture, I would do Travis’s makeup. If I got 100 comments, Travis would do my makeup. My stupid friends delivered and I got 100 comments, so I did a live video of Travis doing my makeup, of which you can see a preview below.




The look of instant regret!

Afterwards, we hooked up his Playstation and played Call of Duty until I had an idea right around dinner time. Now that it was warm again, I wanted to go to the lake like we used to for a first few dates to watch the sun go down. So we packed a cooler with a couple beers and some snacks and loaded up some chairs to go find a spot at the lake. Since it’s rained so much in the last few weeks the water level was so high we couldn’t go to our usual spot, but we still managed to find an amazing spot to watch the sun go down.


We also had a little birdie-friend join us! He really wanted our chips but don’t worry, we didn’t feed him any!

Once the sun went down, Travis and I decided to go to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant so I could have a margarita.

Later on, we played some more Call of Duty and went to sleep.

The next day, we went to lunch with one of my best friends, Lindsey, at our normal Mexican restaurant, Agavero. I’m telling you, their margaritas are the absolute bomb! They’re so strong you can really nurse the one! I didn’t take any pictures because we were so engrossed in conversation and eating the food! I’ve GOTTA get better at taking pictures for posts!

After lunch, we went back to Travis’s house. His sister, Kayla, was heading to a bridesmaids’ meeting for her future sister-in-law, and she wanted me to do her makeup, so I happily obliged! I gotta practice if I’m ever going to go freelance with makeup!

I’m actually pretty proud of myself on this one!

After that, Travis and I pretty much chilled out for the rest of the day until we said our goodbyes. He and his brother-in-law had to head back to Tampa SUPER early this morning. Seriously, he texted me at 4:51 to tell me they were leaving. I’m so ready for him to come back!


This morning, while I was eating breakfast and casually drinking my keto coffee, I lined up a job interview for this afternoon, and I went and hopefully nailed it! I should be hearing in the next day or so! Fingers crossed!

This weekend was really up and down with emotions, but ultimately, I would do it over again if I could! I’m very ready to leave this professional chapter behind and move on to a new one! So, with that being said, I’ve got three questions for you!

  1. Have you ever taken being let go from a job well?
  2. Have you and your significant other ever recreated your first date(s)? Did you enjoy it?

Let me know in the comments below!

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