Why You Should NOT Attend Western Carolina University

May 7, 2018lifewithcattitude


In lieu of a weekend recap, I decided to write about something pretty close to my heart. Today, my “On This Day” Facebook memories showed me my pictures of graduation. I proudly pranced across that stage mid-morning on Saturday, May 7 to collect my diploma after five years of hard work. Here I am, two years later, still looking back on that day with pride. It makes me want to go back to college (although, not really). So, instead of doing a weekend recap, I decided to live vicariously through the 18-year-olds about to head into college.

For those of you still making a decision about whether or not you should attend Western Carolina University, let me tell you all of the reasons why you should NOT go to this school. If you agree with any of these reasons, STAY AWAY.

  1.       You hate beautiful rolling mountain-scapes [see above]If you go to this school, you will be SURROUNDED by these mountains, so if you hate constantly being in awe of wondrous nature, this school is not the place for you.
  2.       You prefer being anonymous and unknown. If you’re the kind of person who does not appreciate your school’s chancellor knowing you by name and giving you a pat on the back while you’re waiting in line at McAlister’s on a Tuesday afternoon in between some tough classes, do not go to this school. You should probably stick to a school where the chancellor stays in his/her office behind the desk.
  3.       You hate sports. If you can’t go to a sports game and cheer with Catamount Pride like the best of them, do not come here.
  4.       You love wasting your time. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to have academic advisors and professors who couldn’t care less about your academic career [and your well-being], this is not the school for you. You should look at schools with astronomical class sizes and professors who don’t take the time to get on a first name basis with you.
  5.       You believe in taking the easy route. If you think that because it is the cheapest state school in North Carolina it is everybody’s safety school and no one takes anything seriously, please don’t waste your time here. If you’re not looking for a challenge, by all means; keep moving.
  6.       You’re not looking for any more friends. If you feel like you are content with the three or four friends you have at the moment and are not open to the idea of having so many more friends whom you can count on at the drop of a hat even after you’ve graduated and moved away, you will not fit in.
  7.       You love staying in your comfort zone. If you’re someone who has done the same old routine your whole life and is not open to change and breaking up your routine in the best way possible, please do not attend this school.
  8.       You enjoy being bored. From hiking countless trails and waterfalls to see, to restaurants to try, shops in Asheville, coffeeshops and bookstores in downtown Sylva, going to the casino in Cherokee, activities on campus, tubing on the river, this school is not for the homebody who loves to just sit in the dorm and play video games or watch TV all the time.

I hope reading this showed you just what a TERRIBLE school this is. Obviously, I am NOT proud to have attended this school for five years. I hope you’ll take my words into consideration and not become a Catamount.


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