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June 11, 2018lifewithcattitude


From 2014 to 2018, I was an Android girl. I hated everything about Apple and the iPhone, and wanted nothing to do with it. But when I became a soon-to-be-full-time blogger and aspiring freelance makeup artist, I realized that Android and their phones have serious limitations, and switched to an iPhone in March. Now I can’t even remember life without an iPhone. Maybe a little too much of my day is spent on my phone, but when you’re running a few different baby businesses from your phone, it’s a little necessary. So I have compiled a list of the apps I use on a daily basis on my phone and why I love them so much. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: some of these come with referral codes, not affiliate codes, meaning that if you sign up and use a provided referral code, I get a little bonus at zero cost to you. Whether or not you choose to use my code is completely up to you, but it doesn’t affect your ability to sign up for any of the apps.


I practically live on Instagram. I live vicariously through all the adorable corgi parents watching their puppers live their best lives, as well as try every single day to pump out quality pictures to attract a following to this blog. The day Instagram dies will be a tragedy.


This app is how I edit all my pictures for Instagram as well as blog posts. It costs $2.99 which is a lot in my eyes, but the filters and edits provided are far better than the ones included in Instagram. The investment was well worth it.


The “Led Zeppelin” radio station is constantly playing on my commute to work. I love streaming music because it helps me discover new songs and expand my taste.


When I actually make myself do it, I use this free app to track my macros for my meals. This app is great for anyone trying to lose weight or gain muscle and helps with tracking meals and correlating to your fitness goals.


I use this app to get cash back on little purchases here and there. For example, last week I got $2 back from putting $25 of gas in my tank. I can also get 7% cash back by going out to Chili’s with friends. It also works for online shopping and booking hotels. All you do is link a credit card and you can transfer money you’ve earned to your bank account whenever you want. They also do some flash events where you get a certain amount of money in bonuses if you refer people and they link a card using your referral code. I’ve had a DOSH account for six months and I haven’t had a single problem with money or information being stolen. It is all secure.


When I’m busy at work or I’m on the go on my days off and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to posting on my social media platforms, I turn to Buffer. I take about an hour two days a week to schedule posts and draft them all out, and my phone gives me a reminder when it’s time to post and I just hit the OK button. If you’re a busy social media influencer/blogger, this is a LIFE SAVER.

Google Drive

This app helps me keep all my post drafts and pictures saved so I can access everything from any device, whether I’m at work, home, the library, my phone, etc. It’s super handy so none of my work gets lost.


This app helps me create beautiful graphics for Pinterest to advertise my posts. It’s completely free and there are so many templates to use! Some of them you do have to pay for, but they’re relatively cheap.


 I love love love this app as a beauty junkie. You link all your social media to your account, review beauty products as well as food and drink, home decor, etc. They send surveys to fill out, and if you’re selected, they send you a box of free full sized products to try out and review. Again, all complimentary. I’ve gotten two boxes in four months, but it is incredibly hit or miss.


This is an app that comes with the phone, but I have plenty of podcasters that I love to listen to, whether I need a good laugh or I need a good kick in the butt with some blog productivity. A personal recommendation is the Jenna Julien Podcast if you’re looking for a laugh, and Ruth Soukup’s “Do It Scared” podcast.


Everybody has to go grocery shopping at some point, so why not get cash back doing it? It took me until three months ago to find this app, and I’m kicking myself for never knowing about it or trying it out. You select the grocery stores you most frequently shop at, it finds offers for cash back on certain items, you take a picture of your receipt or the barcodes for proof of purchase, and bam. Money back to your account. It’s not crazy money, but for a family of two that spends $300-$500 a month on groceries, it adds up! Most stores offer $0.25 back on any receipt regardless of amount purchased, so even if you don’t get an offered item, you can take a picture of your receipt to get $0.25 back!

So there are my favorite apps I use on a daily basis! Do you have any of these on your phone? Do you have any apps on your phone you think I should have on mine? Let me know in the comments!

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