Arctic Monkeys // Weekend Update

June 21, 2018lifewithcattitude

Holy crap you guys, have I got the weekend recap for you! I finally got to check something off my bucket list this past weekend, and I’m so excited to talk about it!

But first, I need to give you some backstory (your favorite), because this is NOT just an average concert. This concert is six years in the making. 

Flashback to Thanksgiving Break 2012, my sophomore year of college. I was riding in the car with my cousin and she was playing some indie rock band on her iPod through the aux cord. I was instantly intrigued, and I asked her who the band was, to which she replied, “Arctic Monkeys.” My instant response was “Arctic Monkeys? Are you joking?” But as time went on, the songs were just interesting to me and I was enjoying them. When we got back to the condo we were staying in, I asked her to let me connect my iPod to her computer so I could download that album (for those of you who are AM fans, it was “Whatever People Say About Me, That’s What I’m Not,” and the very first song I ever heard by them was “When The Sun Goes Down”). When I got back to school, it was all I listened to. On the way to class, on the way to work, while doing homework and writing papers, it was constantly played so that I could learn the songs. From that point on, I became more and more interested in the band and found more of their albums. The next one I found was “AM,” then “Suck It And See,” then “Favourite Worst Nightmare,” and “Humbug.” This band was quickly becoming my favorite band, going so far as to surpass Led Zeppelin and Chevelle (used to be my favorite band, but my ex ruined them for me). Since they are an indie British band, I imagined that they would never tour the States.

Flash forward to February of this year. I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook and came across an ad for a music festival somewhere up in the northeast, and they were the headliner. I instantly sat up and looked at details. Travis was interested in accompanying me because he knew how much I loved them. Sadly, the tickets were too much, and it was too far of a drive for either one of us to afford taking the days off work. A few days go by. I come across the Arctic Monkeys Facebook page, which I somehow had not been following up to that point, where I saw 2018 USA TOUR DATES. I saw that they were in Atlanta and was overjoyed, only to be so disappointed that they would be in town on a work night. But then I backtracked and saw that they would be in Raleigh, NC the preceding weekend, and I just had to make a weekend of it and go. So I texted my friend Victoria who shares MOSTLY similar music interests to see if she wanted to go with me, since I had no idea if Travis would be home on that weekend (he ended up being able to tag along for the trip). She said she was up for it, and we bought our tickets and reserved the hotel room! All we had to do was wait three months!

Well, the time just crept on by. Day after day, week after week, I couldn’t take the anticipation. Victoria and I even went ahead and decided on outfits and makeup, that’s how excited we were. When I originally bought the tickets I thought I would be able to take that Friday off and we could make a whole weekend of it, but changing jobs forced us to give up the Friday night room and we reserved another room just for one night. So, eventually, the weekend finally arrived!

Travis blew in from work close to 8:30, and we went to bed early since we would have to get up early the next morning. We made the first two hour leg of the trip and met Victoria and her family in Greenville for breakfast and gas, and we were off!

(don’t worry, we were just in an intense Xbox v Playstation debate and I was TOTALLY winning)

The drive from Greenville to Raleigh took about four hours, and we finally got there around lunchtime, where we promptly got some Taco Bell and stopped by the grocery store to stock up on some beer and the beauty supply store for some lashes. Once we checked into our hotel room, I took a short nap before taking a shower and getting ready. Because the concert was outdoors, I didn’t even bother trying to flat iron or even blow dry my hair because I knew it was going to be a frizzy, matty mess because it would be hot and I would be dancing my little heart out (spoiler alert, it was).

Victoria and I had been talking for weeks about how I was going to do her makeup because she doesn’t wear makeup often and I’ve been needing some more test subjects to practice for when I go freelance. I was a little nervous, but I pulled through! I used my brand new palette from BeBella Cosmetics, the Maroon Mayhem palette. I waited for this palette to come back into stock for three months, and it was well worth the wait!

Look how gorgeous she is!

Travis dropped off Victoria and me so we didn’t have to pay for an Uber or walk a mile, and we got through the ticket line and found our seats. I bought a ROYALLY over-priced beer and began drinking it, albeit a bit too quick. Two girls sat next to us and we learned that they actually flew in from San Francisco (or as my stupid drunk self would keep calling it later that night, Fran San-sico). Eventually, the headliner opened the show and played for a solid half hour or 45 minutes, and then we waited until FINALLY, Arctic Monkeys started.

From there, everything else in the world shut off for those two hours. I had no other cares in the world other than listening to my favorite band play my favorite songs. I was dancing like an idiot. I was shouting and screaming like a maniac to the point where I almost completely lost my voice (it is still recovering to this day lolololol). At one point, I was so into the music that I was hardcore drumming on the seat in front of me, which attracted the attention of at least four people around us. They were impressed apparently. I told them that it was because it had listened to each album PROBABLY anywhere from 50-700 times each and I just memorized music that way. Not only is my voice still recovering, my hands still hurt from drumming HAH.

Once the concert was over, sadly, Victoria and I power walked a mile back to our hotel because Travis accidentally fell asleep. I was still pretty buzzed and had a crap ton of adrenaline flowing through my system, so I didn’t even care how far the walk was. Once we got back to our hotel room, I remember the three minutes it took to change into pajamas, rip off my lashes, wipe off my makeup, briefly recap the concert, and get in bed before crashing like a freight train into a wall.

The next morning, we checked out, got some breakfast, and made the drive back to Greenville to drop Victoria off, and then Travis and I headed home to split up so he could leave super early, as per usual.

All in all, this weekend was a dream. The last minute changes certainly didn’t ruin anything, and it was so worth waiting to hear them live for six years. If I could afford it, I would do it again. I’m seriously considering driving to the general viscinity of their Atlanta concert just so I can listen again HAHA. So, with all that said, I’ll close with these questions:

  1. What is YOUR favorite band?
  2. Have you ever seen them in concert? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

Everyone have a great week!

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