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July 6, 2018lifewithcattitude


Happy day-after-Fourth-Of-July, everyone!

Today, I kinda wanted to go into detail about a big change I’ve made recently. If you follow me on Instagram (check out my About page to follow if you aren’t), I’ve hinted at it and showcased it, but I didn’t want to bog down my social media too much when I could just come here and explain myself.

Recently, I made the painful and difficult decision to leave my previous direct sales company, It Works Global. It was not easy. I loved the people I met, the products I got to showcase and use on myself, the atmosphere, everything. I loved it all. But something inside me kept nagging at me that there could be something else out there for me.

And when I was introduced to an opportunity by an old high school friend who shares the same passion for makeup as I do, I had to take it. I talked with all my friends and family and my boyfriend, and I had overwhelming support from all of them, and that was all I needed. So, I am thrilled to say that as of two weeks ago, I am now a Beauty Guide-In-Training with a company called Limelife By Alcone!


I know what you’re thinking already: oh God, she got herself involved in a PYRAMID SCHEME. I can see where you’re coming from with that thought; it’s very easy to let yourself get convinced that way. But I’m here to assure you that this is 100% not a pyramid scheme, and I’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of professional makeup artists who are a part of this who have given their full and honest opinions and can attest that it is NOT a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme solely runs on recruitment and promising a “get-rich-quick” business model with no products to actually sell. If you take even five seconds to check this out, you will see that there are definitely products to sell, and they are some damn good products.

So… What is Limelife By Alcone, anyway? Well, Limelife (the direct sales part) is actually the sister to an existing brand, Alcone. This company began as a pharmacy back in the early fifties selling cosmetics and lashes to Broadway actresses in the New York theatre district. As time went on, the company became the number one go-to for TV shows and films for makeup. So, the makeup is not new. Just the direct sales part is. When Alcone was given tons of publicity from makeup artists referring their friends to the store in midtown New York, the family decided to make the products more widely available to what could be referred to as “the everyday woman.”

What’s the big deal about the products? Around the time that the family opened up the direct sales company, two of the Milardis passed away from cancer. As a result, Michele Milardi teamed up with organic chemists for research and development in order to create a line of skincare that was completely chemical-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. I used to not care if my beauty products were this way, but now I am extra careful about where my stuff is coming from, and how it is tested. As someone who is trying to be more mindful of her consumption (not just food), I have to take all of this into consideration. Animals don’t need to be tortured just so I can have some blush on my cheeks. And I certainly don’t need a lot of chemicals and toxins in my bloodstream. It takes less than a MINUTE for chemicals and toxins to enter your bloodstream. I want to be proud of the products I’m using, and I want my clients to be proud of their choice of purchase as well. Pssssttttt… the products are also locally made right here in the USA too. So yes, you absolutely can go get cheaper products at the drugstore, but I can guarantee you you have no idea where (or with what) they are made.

I have only been a part of this company for two weeks and I am already so proud of my decision. I love these products, I love what this company stands for, and I love helping people. The perfect trifecta.

So what can I do? If you’re interested in learning more about the full line of skincare and makeup products, check it out here! If you would like to try the products with a full face makeover, find me on Instagram! If you’re interested in the opportunity, drop a comment!

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