The Semi Annual Post // What Life With Cattitude Means to Me

August 12, 2018lifewithcattitude

Well, we’ve have officially hit the half-year mark on Life With Cattitude. I can’t believe it’s already been six months! I know, it’s not a super long time for those seasoned bloggers, but this is a pretty big milestone for me, especially considering how far I’ve come just in these six months.

You know those things that happen to you that you just know are going to change your life? I’ve had lots of those things lately, and this blog is one of the best things in there.

Where I Started

When I started this blog in February earlier this year, I was in a very different place in life.

I felt stuck.

I was stuck at a miserable job that I hated. If you’ve ever worked in a call center, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I had a work day that was two hours ahead of the average (10:30 to 7), so I had almost no social life. I woke up, went to work, went home, watched Netflix, and went to bed only to start the routine all over again. Travis would come home every other weekend or every three weekends, and that was almost all I had to look forward to. I resorted to eating junk food and buying makeup and expensive craft beer (a new six pack or two a week) as my coping mechanism.

Then I started reading about beauty bloggers. I had watched tons of beauty gurus on Youtube all throughout college, but I never truly saw the blogging aspect of it until this year. It all looked amazing. All of these girls living their best lives, trying all sorts of amazing products for free, quitting their jobs, going on trips both personally AND for work, cultivating huge followings on social media, buying houses and new-ish cars, all because they took a chance. I wanted that. I was so sick of the routine.

I started Life With Cattitude as an escape, as a rescue. I needed a creative outlet because I lost all my passion with my job. So, one night, after a very long day at work, after weeks of reading dozens Pinterest articles, I started Life With Cattitude. I bought the domain, I got my layout, I did my first post, and I decided that this was going to be a real thing. It was a bit of a rocky start though; my pictures were very lackluster, my post layouts were very messy, I had no theme or direction.

Now, here we are six months later.

Where I Am Now

I would LIKE to think that I have greatly improved in blogging. My posts are easier to read, my marketing skills are increasing, I bought a ring light for higher quality pictures, and my blog just overall looks and feels better.

Life With Cattitude has become a part of who I am. When people ask what I do, I mention my now-very-satisfying day job and my side hustles. It’s not just a hobby. I take this blog very seriously. I have always loved to write, but this type of writing is different. I’ve always written for myself. This writing is for an audience.

This is giving my readers a piece of me. This is my chance to do something that I really really love. This is my chance to create the life I want, not what society dictates I should have. This is my opportunity to connect with thousands, if not millions, of like-minded creative individuals around the world. I have already met so many wonderful people, and I will only continue to grow my network.

Here’s my takeaway and ultimate reflection…

Find looks for every occasion at NORDSTROM.

If you are on the fence about starting a blog, or any other kind of business, for the love of God… DO IT.

I have spent so much of my life waiting around for the perfect signs to go for what I want, and by God, I’m not going to let those around me make the same mistakes. I spent two years after college staying at crappy, low-paying jobs for the sake of “they were near my field.” I spent so much time complaining to my friends about hating my life when I wasn’t doing ANYTHING to change it. I waited way too long into a good-paying job to start seriously saving money. I spent too long after my last relationship being cynical about love and romance (although that one kinda worked out, but I still don’t recommend it). I waited too long to really make choices for me.

Life is not going to wait for you to be ready. Sometimes you  have to grab life by the horns and say “Nope, we’re going THIS way now,” and a lot of times, it can work out better than you imagined.

Am I a millionaire from blogging after six months? HAH. No. Not even close.

Am I able to quit my job? Even if I wanted to, no.

Am I the huge success story that you see on Pinterest of “how to make $100,000+ in your first year from blogging?” Not a chance.

But I still do it. Because I know I’m heading in the right direction. I have even bigger dreams with this blog that I know I can accomplish. And you have dreams of your own that you and I both know you can accomplish. You can go back to school after starting a family and get that degree. You can get that promotion you’ve been wanting at work. You can start your business. You can do whatever the hell you set your mind to! Whatever you dream is, it’s not too silly or too big.

I took my chance at my dream… it’s your turn.

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