5 Reasons Why You Need The BeBella Cosmetics “Maroon Mayhem” Palette

September 7, 2018lifewithcattitude

Hey guys! Okay so I mentioned this palette a few months ago in my Monthly Favorites, but I figured I needed to dedicate a whole post to this particular palette, because I love it so much! I already had a guest post published here about this palette just in case you missed it, go check it out!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated in any way with BeBella Cosmetics. All ideas and opinions are my own!

I didn’t even know BeBella Cosmetics existed until about six months ago when I stumbled across their Instagram page on a follow rampage in between calls when I was working at a call center. I scrolled through the page and immediately fell in love with the beautiful “Maroon Mayhem” palette, so I promptly went onto the website to buy it and… out of stock. Whomp whomp.

So I waited PATIENTLY for about two and a half months until I finally got a notification that it was back in stock and I bought that thing faster than Charlie Sheen can say “winning” after three lines of coke. It got to my house three days later, and it was even better than I imagined, so I’m going to tell you my personal top five reasons for why YOU need this palette.

The Price Point

So, if you’ve noticed, the ABH Modern Renaissance palette is quite a hefty price coming in at $42 a pop. Sure, the quality is outstanding, but the price is still way more than people are willing to drop on 14 eyeshadow colors. The Maroon Mayhem (henceforth named MM) retails at $27.99, plus shipping and handling, and you get 30 colors, which brings each shadow to about $1 each. Waaaaaay more manageable for most budgets.


With 30 different colors, you can achieve sooooooooo many different looks. Here are just a few examples:


Date night


Again, the possibilities are endless.

Color Payoff

I’m going to let the swatches and pictures do the talking here.

First up, the Modern Renaissance.


And now, Maroon Mayhem!

I really love shimmer colors but I also love me a good matte, and the fact that the mattes have just as much payoff (if not more than) as the shimmers makes me happy.


You would think that because this is an indie brand that the quality is lower and the colors blend like garbage, but these shadows are so buttery smooth and blend like a freaking dream!

The Brand Itself

I’m all for the bigger multi-billion dollar companies like ABH and Urban Decay that have been around for a while, but I also enjoy the idea of supporting smaller and more indie brands that want to get there too. BeBella Cosmetics is only three years old as of the end of August and is owned by one terrific lady. It just makes me happy to support a smaller, independently-owned company. Can anyone else relate?

So What Do You Think??

So, in summation, if you do not have this palette in your collection, you need to get it YESTERDAY. I know that even around $33 total is still a steep price for most people, which is not much less than any of the ABH palettes, but I promise you will not be disappointed! Of course, hopefully you won’t have to wait for almost three months to get it if it runs out of stock again!

Thank you so much for reading this, you guys, I hope that you can understand that I just really love a good eyeshadow palette and I want people to experience the same things I do when I find a quality palette for a good price point.

If you like this post, give it a quick share, and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried anything from BeBella or not! Have a great weekend guys!

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