How To Make $$$ On Your Blog Through Affiliate Marketing

October 2, 2018lifewithcattitude

Alright, so after I published my first blog-related post, I was flooded with comments and messages asking me to keep making these blog-related posts. Now I, being a person who loves helping people achieve their dreams, am happily obliging! I didn’t really plan to become a blog coach, but I really do love helping people when they need it! I am having so much fun blogging and while everyone thinks it’s an over-saturated market, it really isn’t!

One of the most common questions I get about what comes after starting a blog is how you make money! As I stated in this post right here, there are several different ways, but my personal favorite is through affiliate marketing.

So What Is Affiliate Marketing, Anyway?

Affiliate marketing simply means that you promote products or services from other companies with links and discount codes specifically made for you. If people use your codes or links to make a purchase, you make a small commission from a percentage of that sale. Now, the commission rate can vary from merchant to merchant. It can be as small as 3% or as much as 15%!

Do you notice how I always disclose my using “affiliate links”? This is what I mean. I’m simply promoting products from different merchants, and they’re always products that I personally use and think you, as my readers, would love!

I absolutely love using affiliate marketing because it’s a very PASSIVE way to make income. I’ve woken up to money from sales made while I was sleeping!

Speaking of disclosing: this post contains affiliate links! You can read my full disclosure here!

How To Join Affiliate Programs

So, for the most part, you do have to apply to be a part of affiliate programs. Most of the time, you get accepted even with a small following. However, some companies do have specifications for who they accept, whether it be your following or your channel of advertising. But just because you get denied once doesn’t mean you can’t re-apply later when your numbers are better! Other times, companies may approach you and ask you to join their program. All else fails, reach out to companies you like and see if they have a program you can join!

What Programs I Use

Rakuten: I use this program for a lot of my favorite beauty brands, but they have different brands for home decor, software, etc. This is where I have the most links because they are very inclusive!

Share A Sale: Just like Rakuten, this one has a lot of different programs you can join! I use this one mostly for blog services like Tailwind but they have great commission payouts!

Siteground: As I mentioned in my starting a blog post, I chose Siteground as my platform for self-hosting. I chose this, not only to give a great discount to my readers who want to follow in my footsteps, but because they’ve got a great referral program. When the product sells itself and there’s a great referral program, you do the math!

Amazon: Why the hell would I NOT want to be with Amazon? Literally everyone shops on Amazon at least once! I will say, the commission payout is not the greatest on this one, but if you market well enough on your blog, you will be fine!

I also have personal discount affiliate codes with cosmetics companies like Spiced Cosmetics (_CATVONDEAN_), a lash company called Azeredo Cosmetics (CAT10), and other companies like Geopetric, that makes pet merchandise (COURAGEANDODIE20). Again, it all comes down to who approaches you and who you approach!

How To Use Affiliate Links

  1. Monthly favorites posts – You guys know I love to show you my favorite beauty products from the previous month!
  2. Shopping hauls/how-to posts – Are you re-decorating a room in your house? Did you just buy a whole new wardrobe? Are you cooking something with a special ingredient? Show off what you bought!

Lastly, Important Stuff

There are so many things to keep in mind when it comes to using affiliate marketing. First and foremost, you HAVE to disclose. Don’t you hate when people are shady? Don’t be shady. Make sure you are honest with your audience, and you will build that necessary trust. Always preface any posts you have links with the disclosure.

When it comes to promoting the products, if you try to promote something you’ve never used, you will end up sounding too salesman-like. There is not one product on here that I have not personally used. There’s also nothing more that I hate than people (not just bloggers) who push products they’ve never used on their audience for the sake of getting a check. So, in summation, make sure you are only promoting products you use and like and would recommend to a friend. And write like you are recommending it to a friend instead of selling to a client!


I hope this was all very helpful for those who may be stuck at the money-making part of blog creation! Just know that it IS possible, but it is NOT going to happen overnight. As you build your traffic and your trust, you will start to see the money coming in. I am always here to answer questions and be as much help as I can! As always, leave a comment and say hi or give this a quick share if you enjoyed! I always appreciate the support! Have a great week!



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