My Well-Deserved Week In Boston, Part One

November 25, 2018lifewithcattitude

This week was definitely something I needed very badly. A whole week away! After working a 60-hour week at my job, I was very much ready for a vacation, and a week in Boston was some good medicine! I’m not quite sure just yet if I’ll have to break up the post into two parts, but we’ll see!

So let’s go back a few months to explain this trip: my mom retired this past May after 34 years of teaching, and we had been planning to take a big trip to celebrate, but lots of stuff came up around the summer that postponed our trip. We were planning on a big Caribbean cruise, but not only did I start a new temp assignment (which led to my current job), but Mom had knee surgery and spent most of the summer recovering and attending physical therapy. So we just decided to wait and do something a little easier that didn’t require passports. Also, I can’t stand the beach so I would have been miserable. So we finally decided on somewhere up north, and we landed on Boston. We spent the early fall researching and waiting for me to be hired full time, and once I finally made the switch, I asked for the whole week off, and we were ready!

Working a 60-hour week right before vacation definitely made getting ready for vacation a little difficult. Getting home at 11 four nights in a row put a serious damper on my productivity. I didn’t even eat when I got home most of the time, I just went straight to bed. So on Friday, I finally got off at a normal time and all I had time to do was do one load of laundry and pack. After I was done, I headed over to my mom’s to meet up with her and my sister. Our flight was at 7:30 and we had to wake up at 4, so we basically only had time for a power nap.

We got a bit of a late start (as I had anticipated), BUT we boarded our flight on time and landed in Boston ten minutes early! And of course I had to start the trip off with a bang by not realizing I had left my phone in the bathroom A GOOD QUARTER MILE AWAY ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE AIRPORT until we hit baggage claim. Whomp whomp. A very nice security guard managed to retrieve it and brought it back to me! We were promised a free shuttle from our hotel, but it turned out the shuttle only ran at certain times and we would need to Uber, but the concierge offered to reimburse us. Not only we were fully reimbursed, but because we had probably THE rudest driver in existence, we were given a free ride credit for up to $7. We made it to our hotel, dropped our bags off, I made sure I had my phone, and we were off to explore!

We spent the majority of the day on the around Fan Pier. Our very first meal was at a place called the Barking Crab, and it was delightful! It had amazing ambiance, and the wait staff were so nice!

Of course I had to start my vacation off with my favorite food: carbs. I decided to get the lobster mac and cheese, and it was soooooo good. Not the best I will have had on this trip (that was to come later), but still good!

After lunch, we decided to walk around the area to start getting a feel for the place. We walked around Fan Pier, I hilariously rolled my ankle, and my sister and I decided to have some fun on a playground.

I assure you… we were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe

So after we had our fill of revisiting childhood whimsy (spoiler alert, seesaws as an adult hurt like hell), we decided to hit up our first of many bakeries for some dessert and coffee. The bakery we chose was on a Pinterest article of places we HAD to visit in Boston, Flour Bakery. It was such a cute place! I couldn’t get over the entire aesthetic.

I got myself a Nutmeg Spice Cupcake and a latte!

The cupcake itself was amazing, the frosting was very subpar. I would still recommend it, though!

After the bakery, we walked outside to finish walking around before the sun went down.

Once we were all exhausted and ready to get back to the hotel, I looked at my watch and in a moment that would start the hilarious running joke of the week, I screamed “OH MY GOD IT’S NOT EVEN FOUR O’CLOCK.” Here, in the winter, the sun goes down a good hour and a half earlier than it does down in Atlanta, even on the shortest day of the year. This was by far the most difficult aspect to get used to. We Ubered back to our hotel, and we were all out like lights by 5:30.

The next morning we decided to start our sightseeing. We had purchased the Boston Go Pass for three days as well as the Hop-On-Hop-Off Silver Trolley pass for two days. However, the guy who checked us in let us know that today was the last day of whale-watching for the whole season, and he talked us into starting with that. The ship didn’t leave for a little over an hour so we decided to do some preliminary walking around Faneuil Marketplace.

We hopped on the boat and set sail! We were warned before taking off about motion sickness and OF COURSE I got seasick about 30 minutes into the near hour-and-a-half ride out. I did manage to get some good pictures though!

Once we finally got out to where we would supposedly see whales, the girl on the speaker said that we were beginning to see a few. Before we knew it we were ABSOLUTELY SURROUNDED by whales. Everyone ran outside to get all their pictures, but I, being pinned to my seat, took pictures from inside, or I gave my camera to my sister. We literally just had to float out of gear because the whales kept going underneath our boat.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Aside from being really seasick, I actually really enjoyed myself! Even if we hadn’t seen any whales, it still was just a perfectly overcast day that made for some beautiful pictures!

Once we got back on land, we pretty much immediately went back to our hotel room because I wasn’t feeling up to doing any more walking or shopping.

The next day was one of the longest walking days (if I remember correctly on my Fitbit, I think I did 12k steps that day). I, of course, got my free hotel coffee, and we were off!

I immediately fell in love with these squirrels because I literally could not get over how FAT they were. They’re obviously native to the Boston Common area filled with tourists who feed them, so they’re surely not worried about starving in the winter!

And of course, my sister can’t resist feeding animals.

So anyway, we did the walking tour of Freedom Trail with a tour guide. He was super awesome!

Once we finished our walking tour, I decided to meet up with an old high school friend who had relocated to Boston with her boyfriend. We met up at an awesome coffe/wine bar called JAHO. I had some bomb flatbread pizza and an apple cider mimosa. Spoilers: I was learning how to be a foodie and NOT eat my food before remembering to take a picture.

That cider was the best that I’ve had in my life. It’s called the Down East Cider, and it was their seasonal pumpkin brew. It had more apple and chai flavor than pumpkin, and that stuff went down faster than a fat kid on a seesaw. I will certainly have my friend ship me a pack next year!

After that we walked about a mile back to our hotel, and my feet hurt so bad. I slept veeeery well that night!

Okay I decided to go ahead and break this up into two separate posts so you don’t feel like you’re reading an essay! I’ll pick this up in the next few days. I’m hoping that I don’t work another 65-hour week this week but we’ll see! I’ll do my best to draft as I go!


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