Things That Make Me Happy At Christmas

December 25, 2018lifewithcattitude

Well, we’re here on Christmas! Most of the time, it’s my favorite holiday, but this year I have to work all day. The caregiving field, unfortunately, does not take any holidays. I love the people I care for so at least I’ll be in good company! Even though I’m sad about working, I do like to think about the positives. In order to keep my spirits up about having to work this year, I decided to make an itemized list of everything that makes me happy during the holidays! This post was inspired by the lovely lady at Life With Lynette, so go check out her stuff!

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  1. Mannheim Steam Roller Christmas albums
  2. Spiced apple cider
  3. Balsam scented candles
  4. String lights
  5. Christmas movies (specifically A Christmas Story, Elf, Eloise at Christmas, and the first Harry Potter)
  6. Beautifully decorated trees
  7. Fresh snow on the ground (I’ve only experienced this one time in my life)
  8. My corgi leggings
  9. Cinnamon rolls (homemade OR from the can)
  10. My mom’s yummy dressing
  11. Wearing cute holiday themed makeup
  12. Warm fuzzy socks
  13. Christmas cookies
  14. Finding awesome and thoughtful gifts for my loved ones
  15. Stores working hard with their decorations
  16. The Starbucks holiday drinks
  17. Tacky sweaters

Well, that’s about it! I’m a simple gal who loves the holidays. But, with work and everything else going on, I’ve been feeling a bit of the bah humbug and while it sucks, I’ll make it through! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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