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February 20, 2019lifewithcattitude

I’ve been on Instagram for about five years now, three of them as a social media marketer. Let me (not) be the first to tell you, it has changed so much! Instagram is definitely NOT what it used to be, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Instagram used to be the hub of those horribly over-edited pictures with a grainy tan filter slapped on with a random caption. Now it’s all about cohesive feeds, light and airy pictures, sponsored post disclosures, and more! As a content creator, I am desperately trying to stay ahead of the game! Of course, Instagram’s algorithms are constantly giving me the middle finger with that follow/unfollow garbage. But I have found my methods that I’ve implemented over the course of at least the last year to grow my Instagram, and I’m sharing them all with you today!

Tip One: Invest in a Preset

I can already tell what you’re thinking: why in the world would I PAY to edit my pictures when I can do it for free? Well, I’ll tell you why. One: I’ve used two presents in the last three months and they both cost less than $5 all together. Two: presets take all the hard work out of editing and posting. I used to spend too much time playing with the Lux and Contrast on Instagram and my feed just looked like a mess. Seriously, scroll back to 2017 pictures. I edited those pictures horribly! Go on Etsy right now and search “Instagram presets,” and I guarantee you will find one for less than $3. You don’t have to spend $15 for beautiful presets. Give the cheap ones a chance! And watch how easy editing and posting becomes!

Tip Two: Don’t Repost Memes On Your Feed

You may notice I quit putting memes on my feed a while back. I took a hard look at my Instagram analytics and I found my engagement was lowest on my posts where I would just repost a meme. Stories are a great tool to utilize here! I save all of the funny memes I find for my stories. The reason why I do this is because it makes my Instagram feed flow a little better. It doesn’t feel so chunky. It’s difficult at first because memes could be perfect when you don’t have any content, but this will make you work harder on your content!

Tip Three: Engage, Engage, Engage

I may be beating a dead horse here, but I’ve been able to increase my Instagram engagement by… you guessed it, engaging! I spend the first 30 minutes or so after posting engaging with people who comment. It makes Instagram’s algorithm understand that person wants to see your content! So if more people believe you constantly engage, guess what? They’ll keep coming back! It’s simple!

Tip Four: Don’t Follow/Unfollow

Look. I get this one. I used to work for a network marketing company that coached this tactic. Spending hours on Instagram following people just to strategically spend more hours unfollowing? No thanks. It’s a waste of time and it kills your trust. I personally advise against this because it doesn’t prove you are a real person wanting to connect with other real people. It just shows that you care more about your numbers than being real. I want no part of that in my community!

Tip Five: Use Calls To Action

I love getting people to answer silly questions on my post! This is such a STUPID simple way to raise your Instagram game! If you spend more time trying to get people to leave comments, your Instagram game will go through the roof!

Alright you guys, that’s all I’ve got for tonight, so I hope you really enjoyed this! I know I’ve been struggling to build my Instagram for over a year now. I’m really glad I’ve learned everything I have so others don’t have to suffer! I hope everyone has a good rest of the week!

Oh, and happy Pisces season!

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