Why I’m Giving Up On Instagram

March 24, 2019lifewithcattitude

Recently, I was diagnosed with the physical symptoms of burn-out… my cortisol is jacked way the hell up, my body is in constant fight-or-flight-mode, major fatigue, etc. I decided that one of my biggest stressors is social media, in pretty much all its entirety. But especially… Instagram. I love watching corgi videos and makeup tutorials. Unfortunately, mixed in with that are posts of people buying their first houses, getting married, landing amazing jobs, getting pets, and other amazing things that I wish could happen to me. While I understand social media is just a highlight reel and I never know what’s going on behind the scenes, it’s too difficult to distinguish between highlight reel and reality. I’m also finding that marketing work on Instagram is just becoming too much.

Before you start making assumptions… no, I’m not deleting my Instagram. I haven’t reached that point yet. But I HAVE reached the point where I find that Instagram is too much work for too little payoff. I’ve wrestled back and forth with this thing for a few months really, and I’ve decided to step back from Instagram, at least from a major marketing perspective. Here’s why!

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The Algorithms

That’s right… the damn algorithm. You’ve seen it everywhere on Pinterest. “How to beat the Instagram algorithm and grow your following!” The algorithm changes seemingly on the daily and the most recent changes in the last four years have seriously hurt content creators. I realize that they are put in place to keep spammers from abusing the system, but it really hurts when you put so much work into something and then only a dozen people see it.

The Changing Follower Count

Once again, this goes into the algorithm. Every single day I will gain about ten followers, and then I’ll lose twenty in the same day. I don’t even bother following people back anymore, unless I’ve personally met them or if I join a follow train in closed groups on Facebook. But that still doesn’t prevent people from following with spam accounts and then immediately unfollowing. The number of followers I have is just not important enough to worry about, and I have to remember that.

Achieving a Pretty Feed

Alright, I thought I was getting better at having a pretty feed with presets, but honestly, none of the presets I have chosen in the last few months were working for me. And I’m too picky to let it go. There are people in the world who have way more time to devote to editing their pictures… I just don’t. I just have way more important things to focus on than editing and tweaking my pictures to be perfect. I’m more of a rambler. In the week or so I’ve been doing less posting, I feel so much better and less anxious.

The Scammers

I can’t log onto my Instagram once without people (who I don’t know) in my DMs acting like my best friends and interrupting my day with a solicitation, otherwise known as cold messaging. Once again, yes I realize you think this is pot calling the kettle black because I’m in network marketing, but I never cold message. And I can’t stand those who can’t. No, I don’t want to try your detox tea. No, I don’t want your shampoo from your company whose name you can’t even actually say for “legal reasons.” No, I don’t want to be an “affiliate” when I have to pay for it. This one seems a little more petty, but still.

Who Knows What’s Coming…

With the Instagram blackout that happened for a whole day, I got to witness just how attached we have become to Instagram as a platform. Whether for personal reasons or for business, lots of people rely on it. I personally just want to focus on what will actually bring me results. Cultivating real relationships with my audience is more important than posting a pretty picture. The blackout gave me a harsh reality check that there may come a time when social media is no more, for good. I want to do everything I can to make my blog the best it can be… not my social media.

Like I said, this doesn’t mean I’m deleting my Instagram, but I am taking a step back from marketing on there. I’ve been making lots of headway on Twitter (my new one) and I may hang out there for a while. Come check it out, and have a great week!

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