Lessons I Learned The Hard Way In College

April 13, 2019lifewithcattitude

Good morning! It’s currently 8:15 on Saturday morning. I have my cup of coffee, I’m sitting outside on my back patio, and this is currently my view:

Recently, I made the long-awaited decision to go back to school for my Master’s. It’s been a long and tough three years following undergrad, jumping from temp job to temp job, going through what I like to call the “Jersey Shore” phase of my life. I tried so hard to start a career after not taking college seriously, and it’s been tough. So, in light of going back to get my MBA, I decided to make a list of the lessons I learned the hard way in college. That way, I can treat grad school as a more serious and dedicated Round Two. Even better if I can help some upcoming college freshman not make the same mistakes I did!

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Tip One: College Is The Time To Make New Friends

You will never have an opportunity for such availability for new friends again in your life. Look for that tiny group of friends you can call on to go to a coffee shop and study, or have over for a grown-up dinner party. You’re all in this together and you have to find a way to survive, might as well survive together!

Tip Two: Save Your $$$

No, seriously. Especially if you work while in school, it’s so important to save your money. You never know what’s going to come up. For example, how many books you’re going to need for a class, because those suckers are expensive. I once spent $300 for four supplemental books for one history class. Besides that, it’s just good to have a nice padded account for when emergencies come up, like your car or a trip to the hospital. Do yourself a favor and just save what you can.

Tip Three: Eat Well And Intuitively

Weight gain in college is almost inevitable. The levels of stress rise, which leads to stress eating, and with the rich foods they serve in the dining hall, it’s just a lethal combo. Do the best you can to keep healthy snacks all around you, drink lots and lots of water, practice portion control, and listen to your body when it’s full.

Tip Four: Take Advantage Of Your Resources

You have soooooo many resources around and you should take such advantage of them. Career counseling? Hit that shit up. If your advisor says he/she knows somebody in your desired field, hit them up like nobody’s business. Everyone you meet could be a networking opportunity. Struggling in your classes? Hit up the tutoring center. There’s a wealth of help on your campus, give it a try!

Tip Five: Practice Good Time Management

Going to school full time is tough. Working full time AND going to school full time is tough. Hell, even going to school part time and working part time is tough. I don’t know what the situation may be, but no matter what, it’s good to have good time management skills. Don’t slack off so much that your grades suffer, but don’t stretch yourself so thin that your mental health takes a toll. Know when to take breaks and have some me-time!

Tip 6: Make The Most Of It

Whether you are paying for it or someone else is paying, these are supposed to be some amazing years! Live it up!

I hope this was helpful, whether you are heading to college for the first time or heading back to get another degree! Everyone have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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