My Beach Vacation Bucket List

June 16, 2019lifewithcattitude

Hey guys! I’m currently sitting in the airport Samuel Addams Bar, just waiting for my plane to take off, so I figured I’d pump out a post for you! I’m on my way to the beach for some rest, recuperation, and relaxation!

Here’s the thing… I can’t stand the beach. I’ve never really enjoyed going. My mom and my sister enjoy it way more than me! It’s hot and humid (on an even worse level than Atlanta), the ocean is creepy, seagulls swarm me for my food, sand gets everywhere and I burn way too easily to enjoy sitting outside without having to meticulously calculate how long I can sit outside before I burn. The lake is more fun for me. HOWEVER, I have not been to the beach in years and things have been so crazy for me lately. So I am DETERMINED to make this trip the best, and here’s my beach vacation bucket list!

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Knock out five blog posts

I’ve been adjusting hardcore to a new job with awful hours, even worse than my last job. So finding dedicated time for productivity has been next to impossible. But with almost a full week off, I plan to be as productive as I can be!

Hit up a farmer’s market

In the last year or so, I have really found myself enjoying going to local farmer’s markets. I love the colors of the fresh veggies, the deliciousness of someone’s homemade jams, or even fresh flowers! Since I’ll be right near the beach, I plan to go visit and stock up on some fresh goodies!

Sit on the beach

Yes, I did just say I hate the beach. But I’ll be damned if I don’t soak up at least a little sun and read a good book with a cold beer!

Have a surf and turf night

Ever since I found a recipe for grilled shrimp on a morning talk show this week, I literally haven’t been able to stop thinking about having a surf and turf night. I’m going to try to convince my family to go in on one with me, so we can eat RIGHT at the beach!

Go find this recipe here and tell em I sent you!

Buy a new dress (or two)

I have violently swung on the pendulum of “I hate how I’m the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life” and “I should embrace my curves.” Last summer I hid in clothes and never did anything fun because “Oh, I’m going to lose weight and then I’ll live it up.” Well, fast forward a year and literally nothing changed. But, I’m going to embrace the lack of change and buy a cute sundress while I’m down in Florida!

Try a local beer

Of course, this isn’t just exclusive to the beach. I always try a local beer, no matter where I go.

Perfect my “beach hair”

I’ve been diligently researching products for the perfect “beach-tousled” look for fine hair (the Serena van der Woodsen look, if you will) and I think I finally have it down. I can’t wait to practice and show it off!

I know it’s not a lot but hey, I’m down there to relax! I’m pretty excited, I haven’t been on a vacation since Thanksgiving in Boston. While we had such a good time, it was also tough getting used to the sun going down so early. I almost felt jet-lagged! This vacation will be just as, if not a little more, enjoyable and I can’t wait! I’m gonna sit here and continue to sip my IPA and get ready for my first flight alone! I will work all week to get a recap post together, and I’ll talk to you guys next weekend!

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