I’m Taking Some Time

August 3, 2019lifewithcattitude

Hey what’s up guys? Today’s post, believe it or not, is actually not sad! I actually feel pretty good about this.

So I’ve been taking some time to reflect on why I have come to feel more apathetic toward this blog when I spent so many hours last year building this thing. It’s my baby. And I came to the conclusion that while I still love blogging, I feel like my niche is changing. Growing up, that is. It happens naturally, your hobbies and passions change.

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve had a dream of being my own boss. I knew I had the potential. I was ready to quit working for someone else and live life on my own terms. It’s been quite a struggle and I’m nowhere near where I want to be. So that’s why I’ve been so on and off with this blog. But I refuse to give up.

Ever since I decided to shift my life into more strict money management, I feel like so many avenues have opened up. I feel like things are changing in such a good way.

And that’s why I’ve decided to take some time… to rebrand this blog.

I don’t feel aimless anymore. I feel like I have a purpose. Even though my career is still questionable, I feel like something is coming my way. So I’m going to take my new knowledge and passion and chase it.

So yes. New posts are going to be coming to a stall for a little bit. I’ll be taking time to regroup and rebrand. I have a feeling I’ll come back bigger and better than ever before, even at the height of Life With Cattitude©. I have a feeling I’ll relate better to my audience, and I’ll have a good time building an ever bigger audience.

So this isn’t goodbye, this is… see you later!

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