How I Treat Myself On A Budget

August 11, 2019lifewithcattitude

We all have times where we find ourselves being a little more stressed than usual. A bit more irritable. Strung out. It happens to the best of us. Likewise, everyone has their ways of hitting the reset button and treating themselves. You’ve seen the self-care tag on Instagram and the high-profile influencers who have their ways of treating themselves. And while we all wish we could have enough money to check ourselves into a spa day and drop hundreds of dollars on skincare, the reality is most of us are on a budget. And some budgets are tighter than others. Your mental health is very important, and as someone who struggles hardcore with depression and anxiety, I take that very seriously. In so doing, I have come up with my favorite ways to treat myself when my budget is skin tight!

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Light candles

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love burning a good smelling candle? I LOVE my Bath & Body Works Christmas candles, but sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for the best, so I settle for some Dollar Tree candles. They smell decent and they get the job done. Trust me, light a good smelling candle the next time you’re stressed out!

Listen to motivation/educational podcasts

Ever since reading Dave Ramsey’s book, I’ve been replacing my mindless Youtube with Dave Ramsey’s podcast. As much as I enjoy listening to funny stuff while I’m getting ready for and driving to work, I also enjoy staying in a debt-free mindset. Listening to these podcasts instantly make me feel better and rejuvenated because they almost reset my brain.

Buy quality coffee

I love love love me some coffee. I usually just get what’s on sale at Kroger (Eight O’Clock most of the time), but sometimes, I’ll pay a little extra for something different that might be on sale. Fresh ground coffee tastes sooooo much better and on mornings where I don’t work an early shift, it’s great to have in the French press. This is just an example of how I treat myself in the morning!

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Take a shower

Okay, this may be different for people, but I live in a rental where water is paid for because it’s on well water, so Travis and I don’t have a water bill. Whenever I need a moment to treat myself, maybe before I go to bed, I’ll hop in the shower. I can’t fit in a tub because of my long legs, so hot shower water is just as therapeutic for me. I take my time and go through a whole routine where I exfoliate with a loofah, wash my face, and do a leave-in conditioner. Once I’m done and out, I slap a nose strip on. It’s basic hygiene, but I swear, sometimes a good shower does wonders.

Dollar Menu Treats

So whenever I need a moment to eat my feelings, I like to hit up the Taco Bell dollar menu and get a couple of mini quesadillas and cheese. I know I’m trying to cut back but sometimes a warm, gooey, cheesy quesadilla dipped in nacho cheese can really hit the spot and be considered a treat.

I hope reading this gave you an idea of how YOU can treat yourself on a budget the next time you’re feeling a bit blah! Leave a comment telling me how YOU love to treat yourself!

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