What I Have QUIT Buying Lately

August 20, 2019lifewithcattitude

Ever since starting my debt free journey and finally paying off my car, I have made some serious cutbacks to my spending. I’m not perfect, I still spend money. I didn’t realize how much capitalism had a hold on me until I started trying to get away from it! But I have definitely made some drastic improvements on my reckless spending so here’s what I have quit buying since starting my debt free journey!

Craft Beer 6-Packs

Back before I went on a spending cut, I was buying a new six-pack of craft beer, sometimes TWO, per week. Can you imagine how much money I’ve saved since I cut back? Not only that, how many CALORIES I’ve saved? My carb eating could still improve, but forcing myself to stick to a cheap bottle of Barefoot wine per week or two has really helped me get things under control. I’ve gone from spending ~$60 a month on alcohol to ~$20. Now, the only time I allow myself to buy craft beer is when I’m rarely out with friends or family, and I limit myself to two of the smallest size offered.

Dollar Tree Junk

Yes, I said junk. I worked there for two years, so I’m allowed to say that! I used to go to Dollar Tree and buy all the cheap decorations whenever I felt like it. You know where all that stuff is now? Goodwill or the dump. There’s a reason that stuff is so cheap. Now, I force myself to save the money to buy better quality stuff, and by the time I save the money, I don’t even want it anymore.


*GASP* WHAT? Yes. The very reason for my starting this blog, makeup. My makeup buying has come to a complete stop. I let my Ipsy membership run out, and I also deactivated my Limelife By Alcone Beauty Guide status. That alone freed up $20 per month to put towards my debt or the sinking fund for car maintenance. It hurt at first and I thought I would miss it so much, but I actually don’t. Turns out, it’s okay to shift priorities! Once I get my debt under control, I may go back to indulging myself in a few products every once in a while. Especially if I get an office job where I can dress cute again, I’ll need to replace my every day makeup stash!


This one was actually pretty easy to come by, seeing as I haven’t bought new clothes since LAST July. When you only make $11 an hour, it’s difficult to want to spend so much of that money on clothes. And now that I have a job where I wear scrubs AND I’m thinking about starting keto back up, there’s really no reason for me to buy clothes just yet until things fall into place (if they ever).

I may do a blog post on the struggles of job hunting, leave a comment if you’d like to see that.

Plastic/Paperware And Other Disposables

As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, this one was a little difficult to start. I go through episodes where I’m as neat as an English housekeeper. Then there are times where I’m eating straight out of the pot because I haven’t washed dishes in four days and I can’t stomach the idea of another dish piling up in the sink. As much as I love buying disposable plates and cutlery to avoid dishes, that crap adds up fast. Same with paper towels. Not only has this saved Travis and myself money, it also helps us stay on a rhythm of keeping our house clean. We bought some cheap hand towels and cut them up to use as kitchen and bathroom rags, and then we just run a load of them in the laundry when we’re done with them!


Now I haven’t completely given these up, but I have cut way back. When I buy snacks at the grocery store, I always eat them immediately, without fail. This is just such a waste of money for me! Now I’ve made myself stick to buying only pantry staples and healthy ingredients. Travis is usually the one who buys snacks, but I try not to let him buy me any because I’m trying to quit eating them all together. I’ve forced

Fast Food Coffee

One night I was watching Gilmore Girls and I suddenly yelled, “Why does Lorelai buy so much of Luke’s coffee when she has a coffeemaker at home?!” and then I realized “oh yeah, so they can progress their love story.” But it definitely resonated with me on a personal level. Why do I have four different coffee-making appliances at home when I keep running through the Mickey D’s drive thru? I might as well just sell the appliances at that rate! I know that McDonald’s has some great coffee, but making my own coffee is a major fraction of that price!

Let me know in the comments what you guys have quit buying since starting your own debt free journey!

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