Weekend Office Clean-Up!

September 26, 2019lifewithcattitude

Hey guys! I know I always say things are so crazy (because they are), but I promise I’m not trying to abandon this blog! I appreciate all my readers! So kick back, grab your beverage of choice, and let’s get this weekend recap going!

Okay so since I started my job, unless I asked for them off, I haven’t had a full weekend off. In fact, I haven’t had a week with two full-ish days off, well, ever, until this past weekend! Except, I didn’t really have the days off, I still had to work. But, it was early enough and short enough shifts that I counted it as a day off. It’s the little things, right? I had two really easy three-hour shifts not far from me where I made an extra $6 on top of what I normally make. I got off at 9 and could come back and take a nap. Boy, those felt so good! It made me feel like I was sleeping in.

How Did We Get Here?

So if you remember this post right here, or if you know me personally, you know I have a hard time finding motivation for large projects most of the time. Especially home projects. My office has been the biggest mess since Travis and I moved into our new house back in July. It became the dumping ground for stuff I didn’t immediately need. Then, it got worse when my family so lovingly brought over even more of my stuff that’s been abandoned throughout my multiple moves in the last five years. Before long, my office looked like this:

An absolute mess. And this room is the quickest way from the side door to the kitchen (unless you go through the second bedroom through the living room and up the one stair). So for two months, Travis, our roommate, and I have been walking through this room, tripping and stumbling over the junk in the floor. Every day I worked a short shift, I always said I would get this taken care of. Even on days when I worked a lot, I promised myself “just ten minutes.”

So, on Saturday, I got up from my nap, had some pancakes and coffee for breakfast, and put my dishes in the sink to wash them. As I finished and was drying them to put them away, I stole a quick glance into my office. I took my coffee cup with me and just stood in the doorway analyzing everything. After a minute, I said “let’s do this.” I brewed another pot of coffee, grabbed my laptop, and got to work.

Cleaning Process

The first thing I did was move all of my makeup into the built-in drawers (not shown). From that point on, I put every makeup item I found on the desk above the drawers.

After that, I started going through all of the bins on the floor looking for things to trash or donate to Goodwill. Trash mainly consisted of expired cosmetics, The trash eventually overwhelmed the first bag (and the second) and I eventually filled up three bags with trash!

I moved my Harry Potter and Series Of Unfortunate Events collections to the bookshelf in the living room. I plan to pass those books down to my children, if I end up having any. Those were my favorite books as kids and I’m glad I’ve kept them all these years.

After three hours, four cups of coffee, and a bunch of tears shed, MOST everything was done. I swept and dusted the floor, and called it a day.

This is what my office looked like by the end of it:

What Did We Learn?

This was an exhilarating, liberating, yet painful process. The worst part was discarding old memories that I thought I’d hold onto forever. Old letters and notes from ex boyfriends and friends I don’t speak to anymore, little presents, drawings I spent hours on, etc. However, it was all necessary.

In order for me to truly grow, I had to let go of my old self. It’s just standard for personal growth! Some of these things were something I had been holding onto since my freshman year of college, eight years ago! It had all been carted around, jumping from dorm room to dorm room to house to apartment to house after house. Side note, I’ve moved six times in the last five years, I’M TIRED OF IT. As painful as it was to let everything go, it was also necessary, and it felt soooo good.

I am so happy that I finally got this done, this has been a long time coming! I feel so much better when I walk through my office knowing there’s nothing blocking the door. I can even sit at my desk now! I really hope this inspires you to get something done, maybe something that’s needed to be done for a long time now! Send me any tips and tricks you may have for conquering big projects like this, I love hearing from you guys! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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