Take A Walk.

October 3, 2019lifewithcattitude

I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow, but I felt compelled to make a quick one tonight. FOUR posts in one week, whaaaaaaaat?

You know how I always start off every post with something like “things have been so crazy?” Well, today has been legitimately crazy. By literally 9 am, I was already wanting to go back to bed and back to sleep and try to start the day over. I don’t even have to guess any of you guys have had a day like that.

So I went to my first shift at 9:30. I took excellent care of my client and his wife. They gave me a cup of coffee and let me read the paper, and I tried to clear my head. Once I got done at 11:30, I drove home, still trying to clear my head. When I got home, I still couldn’t clear my head. So instead of cooking lunch and doing chores like I normally do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I decided to take a walk.

I put on my walking clothes, I grabbed my earbuds and a water bottle with fresh water, and I headed out the door. There’s a beautiful trail on the lake not even a ten minute walk from my house. Whenever Travis’s dad was alive, he had bought a golf cart that we’d borrow to take for a drive on that trail. Altogether, including the distance between my house and the trail, my walk ended up being about a mile and a half long.

Right at the last quarter mile, there’s a beautiful drop-off just off the path that faces west. I stood there for about ten minutes just looking out at everything.

Once I made it back to my house, I sat in front of my box fan cooling off, and when I fully cooled off, I had some lunch.

After I had my lunch, I took a nice nap, woke up, changed back into my scrubs, packed my bag, and headed off to my last shift of the day.

Life can get so chaotic and messy that it feels like you can’t catch up. My advice? Take a walk to clear your head. Even if you have to take a lap or two around your desk at work, do it. Just take a walk!

Look out for Friday’s blog post, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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