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October 4, 2019lifewithcattitude

I’ve been waiting for a while to do this post, and I’m so excited to finally get a plant tour out for you guys! So grab a coffee (and possibly your wallet), and let’s take a trip around my plants!

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I can’t even tell you how this started. I have been watching Jenna Marbles’ videos for years and all of a sudden she made a plant tour video back in February, and a switch went off in my brain. Around the end of March, I bought my first plant. From there, it’s only gotten more and more wildly out of control. My house is slowly turning into a jungle. Travis is getting overwhelmed. It’s fantastic. I am constantly on Pinterest learning about how to care for my plant babies, and I thought I’d pass on some of my knowledge!

So let’s start with the logistics and numbers. To date, I have spent maybe $50. That includes plants, potting soil, and pots. Everything has either been purchased at Lowe’s/Home Depot, or borrowed from friends/family/clients. I have only bought four of my plants, the rest were taken from clippings or a full plant cut in half. Yes, plant collecting can get a little expensive, but it never hurts to ask if you can take a clipping to propagate in water. Just make sure to look up what plants can propagate from water, because not all of them can.

Speaking of propagation, let’s talk about it. Whenever you get a clipping of a plant, make sure the clipping is at least four inches long, and make sure the bottom leaves are cut off. Then you stick it in a cup or bottle of water, depending on how big the foliage is. The next step is to have patience. One of my plants took a whole month to grow enough roots to be re-potted. The roots should be an inch or two long. Once it’s long enough, place it in a small pot with some fresh potting soil, and water it enough to make the soil drain. Then just keep its normal watering schedule!

Let’s move to watering. Not all plants are created equal! Some plants need very moist soil (watering damn near every day), and some only need water as often as once a month. It’s important to keep all of this in mind so you don’t drown any of your babies and subject them to root rot!

Up next is lighting. Most, if not all, plants you get at Home Depot/Lowe’s come with a little tag that tells you everything you need to know about lighting. Since our house is so bright, I mainly have medium to bright light plants. At our last place, we had almost no light because it was a trailer out in the middle of the woods with a fully covered porch. Don’t worry if you don’t know; I promise there’s a wealth of knowledge out there for you!

Let’s start with my very first plant I ever bought:

The plant on the left! This plant is a Marble Queen Pothos, and I named her Jenna, after Jenna Marbles. I figured she’s the queen of YouTube, and the reason I got into plants. It was only fitting that I name her that! Jenna is a bright light plant and needs medium water. She’s had a little bit of a rough time recovering from being left outside for a whole week in direct sunlight back in June while I was on vacay. I had to cut a whole bunch of brown dead leaves off, and I thought she wasn’t going to make it, but she’s bouncing back! She’s even grown enough to move to a bigger pot! I keep her vines under control by snipping them off when they get too long. This way, she makes new healthy growth! She’s my baby and I love her so much.

The plant next to her is named Lady Bird, a Caladium bicolor. This is one of many plants that I have taken as a clipping. I had a new client a few weeks ago, and his wife is a huge plant person. She had a huge planter full of Caladiums, and I asked if I could take one. She was so happy to give it to me! I kept her in a water bottle for about two weeks before I transplanted her. She’s not standing up straight too well, but I keep watering the soil in hopes that she’ll perk up! She’s absolutely beautiful and I’m going to be so sad if she dies!

This sad little guy is Copperhead, my first snake plant, who has been just a failure of an experiment. Snake plants, or Mother-in-law’s-tongue, are supposedly indestructible. According to the tag that came with the plant, it’s a plant of steel. These plants “thrive on neglect,” so they’re perfect starter plants for people who suck at taking care of plants (like me, apparently). Snake plants are low to no light plants that need very little water. They are very prone to root rot, which is exactly what happened to Copperhead. Most of his leaves became brown and droopy, so I had to give him a major hair cut and re-pot him with new soil. I took one of his best leaves to propagate, so hopefully I can start fresh!

This is the table of plants my mom gave me. She said the plants were getting out of control in terms of size, and so she took them out of their pots, cut them in half or quarters, and re-potted them all. I walked away from that get-together with two new plants!

This beautiful lady is a Golden Pothos, which I named Goldie (after Goldie Hawn). This is in the same family as Jenna; her foliage just looks a little different. She requires the same light and amount of water. She’s growing a little vine down on the bottom so I’ll have to snip in about a week.

This handsome guy is named Rex, another snake plant. The reason for the string is that when my mom potted him, he was slumping over. So she took an old chopstick, staked it in the soil, and tied the leaf to the chopstick to keep it standing up until the roots grow stronger. I’ve been watering this plant a lot less, and he seems to be doing okay!

This little guy is a single-leaf Spiderwort, and I named him Peter Parker! My sweet client let me take a clipping of this plant because this guy grows like a weed. He said I didn’t even need to worry about propagating it (even though I had already done it for about two weeks and it already grew roots three inches long). I went ahead and potted it. I have a feeling this guy’s going to give me a run for my money and he’s going to very quickly outgrow this pot and need to move outside.

Here’s my little propagation station. This little area (along with our bathroom) gets the best light because it mostly faces east and it gets that strong morning sun. Anytime I bring a new clipping home, I grab a glass or a shot glass or water bottle and keep it here until it’s ready to be re-potted!

This pathetic looking thing is Darla, the first clipping I ever brought home! She’s a polka-dot plant, and I fell in love at first sight when I saw this plant at my client’s house. I had to have one. So of course, my sweet client let me take a clipping! When I got home, I immediately put her in a shot glass full of water. When she started growing roots, I moved her to a water bottle. It seemed like it was taking forever, but then suddenly, as if overnight, she sprouted huge roots and was ready to be potted! Overall, it took a month. As soon as I re-potted her, she started losing her leaves, and I panicked. However, it looks like they’ve been growing back, so I’ve just been watering her nicely. This is what she’s supposed to look like:

I figured Darla needed a brother, and because I love polka dot plants, I went looking for another one! My client likes to go to Lowe’s when I finish my housekeeping, so whenever I drive him there, we love to check out the plant section clearance section. Among lots of other beautiful plants, I found a bunch of darker polka dot plants on massive sale for 50 cents a bunch! So of course I snagged one! I brought him home and Travis named him Deadpool. He got a little tall so I had to give him a trim on the top. Whenever your plant gets too tall, trim the top in order to encourage wider and bushier growth. Isn’t he handsome?? (Yes, I’m that plant lady)

The water bottle has Deadpool’s trimmings and another plant I may not keep. It’s a type of cactus, and I’m not too much of a fan of it as I thought I was. I’m not really a cactus fan.

So, that’s about it! I love all my plants and I work every day to make sure they’re still alive! That’s what it comes down to: plant care involved a lot of trial and error. I’m learning something new every day, and you will too! I have thoroughly enjoyed collecting these plants, and I can’t wait to keep expanding the collection!

What kind of plants do you have? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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