Imagine Your Life With No Debt Payments

October 20, 2019lifewithcattitude

This is what I think about I every day.

I imagine my life where I don’t owe anyone any money, except my landlord who gives me a place to sleep, the electric company who keeps my house comfortable, and the Internet company who lets me connect with you guys.

What can I do with that money, you ask?


Whatever I want.

I could take a vacation. With Travis, by myself, with family, with a friend, ANYONE. I could spoil friends and family and make up all the crappy Christmases where I offer my “time” instead of an actual heartfelt gift. I can pay it forward at the coffeeshop. Or my personal favorite thought… I can use my money to make me richer so I can retire comfortably. Or just be able to retire!

This is what I think about every damn day. This is what keeps me going when I only have $2 to my name because I paid all my bills and the rest is in savings. It’s what keeps me going when I keep seeing my friends out to dinner every week with their spouses/partners. What keeps me going when financial emergencies come up. When I don’t think I have anything left in me. When I’m dead exhausted from working doubles and I got another one coming up.

So when people ask why I’m doing what I’m doing, this is what I tell them.

I extend the same sentiment to you: what would YOUR life look like with no debt payments? What would you do that you couldn’t before because all of your money was tied up in student loans or car payments or medical debt? These are the thoughts that should be in your head on a daily basis. When you get frustrated at the fact that you KNOW you have another bill coming next month for money you have to pay back so you don’t accrue interest, remember what you want your life to look like once all that is over. This I promise you, your mindset is going to change!

I just wanted to get a quick post out this week because I’ve been having a rough time with work (big surprise) and I just feel drained. I hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!

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