Aldi Wine Review

December 1, 2019lifewithcattitude

What’s up, you guys? Time for another blog post!

Note: this post is NOT sponsored by Aldi.

So, as you all know, I enjoy a drink after work. Or on a day off. When I started drinking at 21 (yes, I waited), I started off with cheap liquor. A couple bad hangovers and ruined friendships later, I switched to craft beer. A couple dozen pounds gained later, I switched to regular beer. Lastly, I switched to wine. I’ve always drank some wine, even from the beginning, but I never really appreciated it until now. And in my debt free journey, I am always on the hunt for great wine on a budget.

I’ve always loved Yellow Tail and Barefoot because they are reliably cheap and there for you when you’re on a budget. However, I have grown out of them, simply because I always find them too sweet now. Even the cab. So I figured I would go ahead and give something else a try. I had seen so many positive reviews so I just had to!

Note: the Whispering Owl wines are $3, the Malbec is $5.

Here’s my overall review of the Whispering Owl wines: I will not be purchasing them again.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the taste of all of them. But there was practically no alcohol content in them. It’s not even that I’ve been drinking for five years and my tolerance is so high. One night, I had three glasses of the Chardonnay back to back. Nothing. Not even a buzz. No, I do not normally have multiple glasses of wine in one night, but I had to… for science.

As far as taste goes: they don’t taste bad. They’re very sweet, but I’m not surprised, given that they’re cheap wines. The Malbec had the best taste out of all of them, but again, that wine is an extra $2.

Overall: if you are not the biggest wine lover and you are on a very limited budget, these wines are for you. However, if you’re like me and you need a little more of a buzz off of one glass or maybe two, spend an extra $5 and go for Barefoot or Yellow Tail. Or whatever $5 wine they have at Target.

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