5 Goals For The New Year/Decade

December 23, 2019lifewithcattitude

I learned something pretty fascinating the other day: if, by 2020, you were born between 1991-1999, that means you will have lived through three different decades, two different centuries, and two different millennia, and you’re not even 30 yet! How crazy is that?? I can remember going into 2010 like it was yesterday. It was my junior year of high school, I was at the top of my game juggling school, basketball, and chorus/theater, and I was months away from turning 17. I’ll save the whole trip down memory lane for an entire “Year In Review” blog post.

Every year in December, I make a list of goals/resolutions for the next year, and most of the time, I give up on those resolutions because they’re either too vague or otherwise unattainable. But this time, I’ve decided to make more attainable goals so that I don’t start the new decade on a bad note!

  1. Continue to develop professionally || This one may seem vague, but I keep it this way because there are plenty of ways to grow professionally. Whether I take some cheap local courses in skills I want to improve, attend any seminars through work, try to promote within my company, etc, I want to better myself professionally!
  2. Spend less time in front of a screen || I realize that as I begin my journey as a financial coach, I will need to be in front of a screen more, which makes this resolution counterproductive. But I want my time in front of a screen next year to be productive! If it doesn’t make me money or otherwise align with my goals, I will not entertain it!
  3. Be more patient with the people around me || You may not know this about me, but I have a short fuse. Not angry or violent, I just get anxious at the tiniest things, which sparks a lot of my arguments with Travis and some tension with family. My resolution is to practice more mindfulness with my reactions so I don’t fly off the handle at every inconvenience!
  4. Establish better routines || I’ve been doing well enough with going to the gym and hygiene, but I want to get better at skincare! I also want to get back into doing yoga or other forms of meditation before bed.
  5. Go on more date nights with Travis || T and I have been really focusing on our own financial journeys and we’ve put date nights on the back burner, but we both want to take more date nights or even nights away next year. We want to put each other first more often.

So there are my goals for the new year! I love these because they are easily measurable and far more attainable than “get healthy,” or “learn a new skill.”

What are your goals for the new decade?? Let me know in the comments below!

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