Things That Made Me Happy This Week

March 16, 2020lifewithcattitude

Y’all. I think we could use a pick me up this week. Instead of more financial posts, I’m deciding to throw this post in, hopefully to put a smile on some faces in the midst of this madness. I think it’s a good idea to talk about things that have made us happy this week, and I’m calling on my fellow bloggers to do the same!

  1. The smell of fresh brewed coffee
  2. Days getting longer again
  3. Travis giving me a kiss first thing when he gets home
  4. Writing helpful tips for my friends starting a budget
  5. Getting to see clients I haven’t seen in a few weeks
  6. Crushing leg day at the gym
  7. My friend Brittney crushing goal after goal with her Keto diet
  8. The smell of chicken and dumplings in the crockpot
  9. The debt free community on Instagram rallying around people who may get discouraged
  10. Getting loads of laundry done
  11. Reading more finance tips about index funds
  12. Making extra cash to have for my emergency fund
  13. Reading other bloggers’ post
  14. Having dinner with my mom and sister
  15. Getting to see my grandmother before stuff hit the fan
  16. People remembering that my birthday is coming up
  17. The realization that this is a season and it will pass… excruciatingly, like a kidney stone, but it will pass

I’m calling on you guys to comment below and tell me what made you happy this week! Maybe write your own posts!

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